The Wise Man's Fear - March 2011

It's going to be an exciting Spring '11 (interesting how that looks like an old date: it makes me think of the American West and bearded codgers rattling along dusty roads in hand-cranked cars).  In addition to a new book from Scott Lynch, and the finale of The Malazan Book of the Fallen from Steven Erikson, Patrick Rothfuss has just announced on his blog that The Wise Man's Fear, the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Name of the Wind will be published March 1st 2011.

My editor asked me if I could have the book done by September.
I thought about it. I thought about her 27 points and my ever-changing 50-60 points. I thought about who I can still use as beta readers, and how many drafts I’ll be able go through in four months. I thought about how many times I will personally be able to read the book in four months.
I said I was sure I could finish it by September.
She asked me if I was sure. Really sure.
I thought about it. Back in 2007, I was sure I’d have the book done by 2008. But I was hugely ignorant and optimistic back then. So I was dead fucking wrong. That caused a lot of grief.
I told her I was really sure I could have it finished by September.