The Republic of Thieves U.K. Cover Art

We've been waiting a while for Scott Lynch to finish The Republic of Thieves, book three of his excellent Gentlemen Bastard Sequence, and we're going to be waiting a bit longer, but Speculative Horizons has been allowed to reveal the U.K. cover art for the book.

Gorgeous, no?  I wonder if that figure in front is the mysterious Tabetha?  We've been teased with her character for two books now, it's about time she stepped into the narrative.

Anyway, that's a lovely cover - it reminds me a little of Assassin's Creed II - but I think, if anything, these books were an influence on those game developers and not the reverse.  (If a game did inspire Scott Lynch it might have been Thief: The Dark Project.  Perhaps one day he'll tell us about his gaming habits.)