The Heroes - New Publication Date

Joe Abercrombie, author of the wonderful First Law Trilogy, and Best Served Cold, has just announced on his blog that his new book The Heroes has a U.K. publication date of Jan 20th 2011.  NA release is scheduled for March 7th.

I have no patience for the staggered release schedule and always order books I'm excited about directly from Amazon U.K., which is lovely.    (An interesting side effect of ordering only fantasy novels from Amazon U.K. is when they send me targeted emails - You purchased this, so you might like this - they're usually spot on, because my buying history with them is so narrowly  focused.)  The site is still listing The Heroes with a big question mark, but no doubt that will change once the marketing peeps at Orbit notice and send the proper data.

I've heard that some characters from Abercrombie's other novels will be making an appearance in The Heroes, like Shivers from The First Law being a major presence in Best Served Cold.   I love that kind of continuity and connection.  It adds depth and breadth to the world, making the mythos richer and somehow more authentic.  Any guesses about who we'll meet again?  I wonder if we'll ever get to read about Colonel Glokta before his capture by the Ghurkish?