The Crippled God - Delayed

Pat (of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist) has discovered that - The Crippled God - the 10th and final book in Steven Erikson's magnificent series The Malazan Book of the Fallen is being delayed until January 2011.  /sad panda

And in related Malazan news, Ian C. Esslemont's third Malazan book - Stonewielder - is being copyedited and is still on course for a Fall 2010 release.



  1. This series confounds me.

    I've experienced it the same as with a certain video game, it speaks to me and I enjoy looking at it, but i can't make progress. It beats me. I finally have to put it down, and there it sits on the shelf calling, "We are not done yet, come back."

    Eventually I convince myself it's worth attempting again. One day, one day....

  2. That's shame, Pops. Erikson is my favourite author and this my favourite series. My next post will be about why, so stay tuned :)


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