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The Gloomhaven Report

'Apologize to my fucking dice.' -Joe Abercrombie, 'Best Served Cold'

[note: Ordinarily I'd have written a play-by-play because I like to read them and I think that is the best format for giving someone a solid understanding of how a game unfolds. But Sula and I are playing this co-operatively and that would take ages because I'd have to make a note about every little thing that happens. I might do a solo run down of a random dungeon if I can find the time.]
Gloomhaven is currently the 800lbs gorilla of table top gaming. It had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and then good word of mouth and strong critical response led to the 2nd Kickstarter collecting millions of dollars. It recently had a third printing, it reigns as the number 1 rated game on Board Game Geek and anyone with even a passing interest in RPGs or Dungeon Crawlers has heard of it. I can't remember where I heard about it. Probably from the message boards on BGG. When I started reading about t…

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