Friday, June 14, 2013

There is no shortcut to being good...

Scott Lynch has built some word fields for you to absorb into your thinky meats. He writes about what it takes to get published:
However, the part you didn’t see before that “shortcut” was the long span of years I spent writing miserable, pretentious, silly, derivative nonsense before I became capable of writing those sixty crucial pages. I went through a Lovecraft phase. I went through a Poe phase (Gah! My Poe phase. Welcome to Farcetown, population ME). I went through a confused Clive Barker-y phase. I wrote a looming shitstack of Vampire: The Masqueradefanfic and character fic that made later Anne Rice look respectable. I wrote and desktop published a series of roleplaying games. I wrote marketing crap, memos, and business letters. I did freelance editing and PDF self-publishing. I wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages of stuff that had to be presented with a modicum of competence and clarity. In those days, a modicum was about all I could manage. An older friend once took me to a Disney animated film, and as it started he whispered “Dude, you really need to pay attention to this. I’ve already seen it, and I brought you because you need to learn how basic story structure works.”
Full Story: HERE


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Here's a Kickstarter that snagged my attention. A French company called Loud'n Raging is making a series of female wargame miniatures:
  • Miniatures with tons of attitude, dynamic posing, exquisitely detailed sculpts
  • An amazing range of over 150+ unique sculpts planned
  • Sculpts that look exactly like the concept art
  • Utra-customizable multi-part troops, thanks to multi-part ball-joint system
  • Beautiful casts in super high quality metal and spin-cast resin
  • Outstanding pledge rewards compared to regular street price
  • An optional special delivery program that can ship your pledge in several waves to ensure you don't have to wait for months, with a first wave planned as early as September!
My regular gaming group doesn't play any sci-fi titles but this is an issue we run into often: the miniatures in many games are usually male, and if there are women represented in the game they're often 'evil' (like Morgana in Shadows Over Camelot).

Take a look at the models and consider chipping in.

Kickstarter Page: HERE